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Supermodel’s DISGUSTING Divorce Settlement Request

Supermodel Christina Estrada is requesting hundreds of millions from her husband in a divorce settlement. She says that she needs the money to maintain the

Chris Brown’s Anger Issues Sending Loyal Employees To The ER

Chris Brown has a history of anger issues. This time he is being sued by a former employee, whom he allegedly beat. Cenk Uygur and

Stanford Judge Issues Much Tougher Sentence In Similar Case

The judge from the Stanford rape case issued a much tougher sentence to a man in a similar case. He sentenced Raul Ramirez to 3

Congress Moves To Screw Professional Athletes

Congress believes that minor league baseball players make too much money. In fact they think they should make under minimum wage. Cenk Uygur and Ana

Hillary Sold Board Seat To Rich Donor

Money buys power and position in America. Rajiv Fernando is a large donor to Hillary Clinton. Somehow he was appointed to a government intelligence board

Establishment “Bewildered” Bernie Wants Policies Not Personal Gain

A writer for the Huffington Post showcased the “bewildered” state of the establishment regarding Bernie Sanders's goals and motivations. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young