Trump Declares War on Freedom Caucus!

Join The Benjamin Dixon Show live M-T at 9PM ET. Join the conversation 857-600-0518. We've discussed cleaning house at the DNC & stepping up the fight against Trump to great extent. If you're going to meetings (no matter the organization), organizing, protesting, then we want to know about it and

Meet Progressive FIREBRAND, Kimberly Ellis

TYT Politics went to the Healthcare For All Town Hall in Los Angeles, California, where party outsider Kimberly Ellis is making rounds for her run for CA Democratic Party Chair. For more, subscribe to TYT Politics:

Flint Father’s Emotional Plea: It’s Not Just Lead!

TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton hosted a town hall in Flint, Michigan, where he gave the residents a chance to tell their stories. Flint father of five, Adam Murphy, opened up about his struggles. Governor Rick Snyder: 517-335-7858 Attorney General: (202) 727-3400 Flint Mayor: 810-766-7346 EPA: 800-426-4791; 800-962-6215 EPA Region 5: (312) 353-2000 Michigan Attorney General:

Trump White House Is As Anti-Science As It Gets

TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( and TYT Politics Producer Emma Vigeland ( discuss how President Trump has basically wiped out the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. For more, subscribe to TYT Politics: