VaporHouse Smoke shops get a bad reputation with their walls lined with scores of water-pipes and bongs that are for “tobacco use only”, overpriced actual tobacco products, and the feeling that it might just be a front for something else. Vapor Haus, a new e-cigarette store at 617 Watervliet, is something entirely different. I stopped in this past Saturday and was met by a knowledgeable owner, an incredibly clean store, and nothing that would suggest the place was meant for anything but hanging out and “smoking” e-cigs.

  The owner, Chris, was a very down to earth guy who really knew everything there was to know about the newer scene of electronic cigarettes. He talked with me about planning to go to local events, working alongside local bars, and spreading the word in general. I hung around the store for about an hour and a half and he treated each customer that came in with serious individual attention and patience that newer smokers deserve. The past couple of weeks he has hosted a vaping meet-up where people could show off their devices and share tips and tricks, as well as a comedy night for local comics to come and get some mic time.

Not only is the store clean they are also committed to helping their customers “get clean”, the ones who are looking into e-cigs to quit smoking. There’s a board covered in half empty packs of cigarettes from customers who have committed to quitting, each one is signed as a small trophy to show how many the store has helped out. On the opposing wall is a poster showing the health effects of quitting smoking, up to 15 years after your last puff.

While I was there I spent under $10 to get a new bottle of e-juice but was treated with the friendliness and respect of someone who maybe spends $100 a week. Vapor Haus is a great divergence from what we’ve come to expect in smoke-shops in the Dayton Area and I hope them the best for the coming months and years.

Check them out on Facebook at or stop in their store at 617 Watervliet Ave, Dayton